We have dedicated, professional consultants who specialise in OHS services.  We offer free company health checks to make you compliant and safe.


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Up to date, modern processes and procedures in HR will assist you in retaining and recruiting great staff and keep the ones you have.  We can work through with you the peak times within your organisation so that you can plan ahead and ensure you have the right resourcing.


We can conduct outplacement information sessions and guide your business through HR changes.



If you have a number of participants we can make it easy and come to you.  We are available to train your staff in your facility. Making it easier to send staff for training.  No parking, transport or attendance issues with inhouse training.  


Arranging training at your premises couldn't be easier or more affordable.  Contact us now to discuss your specific needs or complete our

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HORNER Learning & Development  can assist you and your organisation by providing quality training workshops that ensure further development and growth.

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Ask us about our free GROW chart to identify your organisations needs, then we can tailor a workshop specifically to your requirements and deliver it professionally at your premises.

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We can come to your location and deliver a personalised workshop tailored to your industry and staff.

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18th May 2016


Performance Management

& Appraisals


Full  Day Workshop 


Gain the confidence to follow a 
performance management structure 
that maximises employee engagement

and  achievement.








19th May 2016


Assertiveness & Self Confidence 


Full  Day Workshop 


Increase your confidence, and most importantly, put your ideas forward and get what you need from now on – in a  
fair, empathetic and reasonable way  
that strengthens your relationships 
       with others.






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HORNER Learning & Development is part of HORNER.  We have expertise in recruitment, HR services and OHS compliance.


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We partner with many companies to become their 'HR Department'.  Advising them on HR policy and compliance issues, OHS and safety concerns or requirements.


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HORNER has over 10 years’ experience working in partnership with local government organisations.


We understand that public sector employees face a unique set of challenges not experienced in other workplaces.